Real Estate Investing Accelerator Program

Are you serious about investing in real estate to earn passive income or to build generational wealth?

Do you not know where to start or feel like you are missing a community that can help you build?

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Get all the training and support you need to acquire your first or next investment property. 

Real Estate is a powerful wealth driver. It is secure, trusted, and the easiest of all assets to leverage other people’s money. 

In January 2022, are launching our 6-month Real Estate Investing Accelerator program to help hard-working self-starters build net worth and earn passive income. 

Here is what you can expect:

  1. A comprehensive 6-month curriculum to help you find, analyze, rehab, close and rent single family investments 
  2. Weekly group coaching calls to answer questions, troubleshoot your issues and hold you accountable to goals you set for yourself
  3. A private real estate investing community of like-minded active investors
  4. Weekly live deal analysis where we break down active deals our students and investors are working on 
  5. Access to 1-on-1 private coaching calls with our Millionaire Mentor seasoned real estate experts

“A Tremendous Value to Real Estate Professionals”

“I think there is a tremendous value, especially for Real Estate Agents & Brokers. We already have knowledge of the market and have put a lot of time and effort into learning our areas, comps, and building a network. We are able to get in the real estate investing game faster and move faster when opportunities arise.

We’re already a few steps ahead, but the lessons in this course allowed me to jump even further ahead and have even more tools to evaluate opportunities.”
RIA Member

How Much Can You Make as a Real Estate Investor

In most areas across the United States, the housing market is setting records.

In Baltimore, MD – where Money Club is based, there is opportunity everywhere. Houses are on the market for days and are being outbid with no contingencies. It can seem impossible to get started as an investor – and yet, our students are buying new properties every week!

Another great example is Jacksonville, Florida. An average single-family home there went up by more than 23% since September 2020 – a record high, while for-sale inventory is down by nearly 42% compared to the previous year.

As of November 1, there are over 2,100 homes listed for sale using Zillowthat doesn’t include other ways of finding deals our accelerator can teach you!

A cellphone showing the available homes in Jacksonville, FL (over 2,100)
Over 2,100 homes for sale right
now in Jacksonville, Florida!

Almost every area across the United States is in a similar situation — including where you live. Let us teach you how to get started!

“This course literally paid for itself 10 times over DURING THE COURSE”

“Between the content that is provided in each course and the knowledge, wisdom, and stories that Ben Lyons shares with us, you will leave this course with information that will save and or make you money almost immediately, depending on where you are in your REI journey.

I would recommend this course to anyone starting out in REI or thinking of getting into it.
This course is very interactive and includes healthy levels of accountability.”
Andrew F.
RIA Member

If you are ready to learn a step-by-step plan for systematically buying and selling properties that can generate sustainable income and join a community where you’ll have the opportunity to meet mentors, coaches, and other investors – all looking to create generational wealth!

To make this happen, we concentrate on six key strategies to help you supercharge your real estate investment goal:

  • Step-by-Step Curriculum – Access over 15 hours worth of step-by-step real estate investment videos, tools, and action steps will help you navigate your way through any situation.
  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls – Learn from our experienced coaches and Millionaire Mentors as they answer your specific questions and challenges.
  • Personal Goal Accountability – Meet weekly with peers and mentors to keep you on task with your REI mission.
  • Analyzing Real Estate Deals – Weekly ‘Deal of the Week’ analysis on how deals are found, analyzed, rehabbed, and financed.
  • An active online community – Ask, learn, and share with peers to overcome challenges and improve on your journey From Worry to Wealth.
  • Case Studies & Success Stories – Interviews with and access to Millionaire Mentor coaching time from real estate experts of all experience levels.

This program will have limited seating and be priced at $4,800 in 2022.

Do you want to pre-enroll now at a discounted rate of $3,997?

This accelerator is designed to provide you with weekly coaching, accountability, and support to help you put this into action. Real estate investing can be scary, especially in a market like this.  But with the right coaching, you can easily conquer your fears.

As you read through the Accelerator benefits, keep in mind that this program is not for everyone. We are looking for individuals who share our commitment to working hard and smart, learning as much as they can, and making a positive impact (thousands of dollars) on their investment goals.

The Real Estate Investing Accelerator is a six-month course. You can begin when you are prepared, you will be supported, welcomed, coached, and held accountable once you begin.

We’ll teach you how to:

We’ll teach you a tried-and-true approach to finding a bargain from a bad one using our property analysis and cost/value evaluation tools.

You do not need a 25% down payment to acquire an investment property. If you don’t have much money, there are many ways to finance properties that don’t require a down payment.

Learn how to manage rehabs, work with contractors, manage the rentals, and protect yourself legally, all from an expert’s lens of minimizing risk.

Build a trusted team around you to support you each step of the way, set up an LLC, and the processes to manage tenants with ease.

We’ve streamlined our strategy for finding deals so there is no guesswork.

We will take you from start to finish on a deal, dissecting it and showing exactly how we would find the deal, finance it, analyze it, rehab it, manage tenants, protect your assets and finally sell the property.

And so much more!

Meet Our Millionaire Mentors & Your Coaches

Our Millionaire Mentors and Wealth Coaches are experts in their area and are self-made millionaires – they did the work and want to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes they made.

Our coaches are passionate about helping you set and achieve your financial dreams. We’ll provide you with the right tools & strategies, plus the motivation & accountability that is needed for you to succeed. We not only promote mastery of the Wealth Creation Formula but also provide a holistic approach that focuses on who you are becoming as a result of what you do.

Ben Lyons

Millionaire Mentor &
Real Estate Investing Expert

Jay Dackman

Millionaire Mentor &
Real Estate Investing Expert

Aaron Velky

Wealth Coach & Money Club CEO

Gabe Bustos

Gabe Bustos

Wealth Coach & Money Club Director of Education

Here is what some of our members have said:

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